Where does my membership contribution and/or fundraiser contribution go?

“A majority of the membership contribution goes into publishing and distributing (the bimonthly membership magazine) TIDE, maintaining a membership department, paying for our annual audit, and supporting our federal lobbyist in Washington, D.C.,” explains Fondren. “The remaining money is returned to the state it came from, where it is supplemented by funds raised through dinners, auctions, and angling tournaments. The combined total then pays for that state’s lobbyist, local conservation projects, and operating expenses.”

How are CCA Texas’ political, fisheries and legislative positions established?

CCA Texas makes all decisions through an extensive web of volunteer committees and boards. Every position is based on facts, strategy, science, volunteer and professional expertise, and more than 25 years of state and federal conservation experience.

Does CCA Texas employ Biologists?

Yes. CCA generally relies on data from state and federal sources. CCA has supported and funded research (on both a state and national level) to provide greater insight into marine fisheries issues and problems. Currently, CCA Texas retains the expert help of hydrologist Dr. George Ward to help deal with state freshwater-inflow issues.

Does CCA Texas employ lobbyists?

Yes. CCA Texas has two registered, full-time lobbyist in Austin, Texas. Also, CCA relies on the expert counsel of a registered lobbyist in Washington D.C.

How do I find out what CCA Texas is doing to conserve marine resources legislatively and in the fisheries management arena?

There are several sources to find out what CCA Texas is doing to further marine conservation in Texas’ bay, estuaries and offshore waters. Visit the Press Releases, Position Papers, Conservation Columns and Headline News section on the CCA Texas website homepage for conservation updates and insights. Also, review TIDE (CCA’s nationally acclaimed magazine) and CCA Texas’ Currents newsletter for a variety of fisheries and legislative updates.

I signed up a while ago. Where is my membership packet?

Depending on processing time and the U.S. post office delivery schedule, arrival of membership packages vary. If you have waited more than six weeks and received no correspondence, please call 800.626.4222.

What does the Legal Defense Fund do?

The Legal Defense Fund (LDF) was established to keep the concerns of CCA’s membership represented in critical marine resource conservation issues. CCA’s legal counsel has used these funds to challenge threats to overfish Gulf red snapper, marlin and shark stocks, to help implement and maintain critical bycatch reduction measures in the Gulf, and to combat destructive commercial fishing gear.

What is CCA Texas’ priority conservation issue?

In the modern arena of Texas marine conservation, it is impossible to identify one priority issue. CCA Texas is dedicated to the conservation of Texas’ coastal marine resources. This takes many forms. By fighting such legislative battles as ensuring freshwater inflows for coastal bays, working for proper crab and finfish management, and increasing commercial shrimp-license buybacks, CCA Texas maintains a high profile at our state’s capitol. CCA Texas has provided hundreds of thousands of dollars of funding for Texas Parks and Wildlife Department enforcement and research needs, and helped create the funding to build two of the world’s largest hatcheries and research centers. CCA Texas spearheaded the precedent-setting abandoned crab trap cleanup projects with TPWD and created one of Texas’ largest bay debris cleanup projects in history. The State of Texas Anglers Rodeo (STAR) delivers more than $300,000 in college scholarships annually and helps recruit thousands of children into fishing and, more importantly, conservation every year. CCA Texas’ scope and accomplishments have expanded with its membership. From establishing gamefish status for redfish and speckled trout to helping secure fishing tackle for the physically challenged children’s fishing pond at Sea Center Texas, many issues are significant. And CCA Texas is working to address them.

How can I help CCA Texas?

The best way any member can help is to get involved at a local level. Call the CCA Texas office (800.626.4222) and ask for the volunteer or director in charge of a chapter near you, or go to the local chapter tab of the CCA Texas website and find out how you can get involved. Through local fundraising events, membership meetings, children’s fishing events and local fishing tournaments, CCA Texas’ local chapters plant their grass roots. This process enables everyone to become involved in the mechanism that makes CCA so effective on all levels of coastal conservation.