Habitat Today for Fish Tomorrow (HTFT)

With many coastal fishery and resource legislative battles secured and in the watchful “maintenance” mode, now is the time to move forward in the next step of the organization’s efforts to guarantee the sustainability of coastal resource for future generations.

Fishery and resource management will always be on the forefront of CCA Texas’ agenda, but with so many of the state’s key fisheries firmly in the management system, it begs the question – where does the organization go next to proactively address the additional needs of the Texas coast?  The most obvious area of attention is fishery habitat.

CCA Texas has a long history of supporting and taking part in restoration projects, but to truly impact the health and sustainability of our Texas coastal resources, we need to create an organized and lasting program for funding and executing habitat restoration projects throughout the coast.  There is no shortage of needs. The coastal and offshore habitats of Texas offer abundant opportunities for restoration projects.

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