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Chapter Contacts

Jeff Beck

Assistant Director
Brian Meuth

CURRENTS – Dec/Jan 2021

Hello CCA Austin Members, I hope y’all have been out fishing, catching and maybe some hunting if you are so inclined. The Austin Board would like to wish all y’all a great and safe holiday season.

The 2021 banquet is set for Thursday May 13. The boat that will be raffled this year is a 23ft Shallow Sport package with an all new design and color. In addition, we also have a Jeep Rig package for raffle that will be ready in January 2021. Please check out our chapter website:, Facebook and Instagram for updates.

Please take a minute and check out the complete list of sponsors at  These folks support the mission of CCA, please support them as when you can. 2020 Banquet Hats will be available for sale at some of our sponsor partners. Please check our social media pages for updates on locations.

We will resume Angler’s Night Out as soon as possible. If you would like to put some good work into a great organization, we would love to have you join our Austin board. We will announce our next meeting as soon as we are able. Please contact me if you are interested.

Please be sure to “Like” CCA Austin on Facebook and Instagram, spread the word. Thank you for the support of CCA and the Austin Chapter


President: Jeff Beck
Banquet Chair: Jason Magdalena
Secretary/Communications: Kurt Obersteller
Treasurer: Blake Masters
Gun Chairman: Eli Blackburn
Habitat and Research Chairman: Tim Franke
Sponsor Chairmen: Dan Appling and Josh Cook
Community Relations Chairwoman: PJ Todd
Membership Chairmen (Jr. Board and ANO): Clifford Mankin and Kip Richmond
Live Auction Chairmen: Barron Johnson and Dan Appling
Boat Chairman: Gary LaChance


Please check back for 2021 updates.

Boat Raffle

Congratulations to our 2020 Austin boat raffle winner Cole Williams