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Chapter Contacts

Jason Magdalena

Assistant Director

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President: Jason Magdalena
Banquet Chair: Alex Pettitt
Secretary/Communications: Kurt Obersteller
Treasurer: Blake Masters
Gun Chairman: Kelly Cooper
Habitat and Research Chairman: Tim Franke
Sponsor Chairmen: Dan Appling and Josh Cook
Community Relations Chairwoman: PJ Todd
Membership Chairmen (Jr. Board and ANO): Clifford Mankin and Kip Richmond
Live Auction Chairmen: Barron Johnson and Dan Appling
Boat Chairman: Alex Pettitt
Jeep Wrangler: Paul Cox
Merchandise Chairwoman: Britani Lolley


We’ll see you next year, May 12, 2022 at our next banquet. Stay tuned for ticketing and more details soon.

Boat Raffle

Congratulations to this year’s winner Brandon Ede

Jeep Wrangler Custom Outback Rig

Congratulations to this year’s winner Rick Dupont