December 4, 2019 @ Otto’s Barbecue (Chapter Meeting)

February 22, 2020 @ West Mooring Dock County Park (First Sat. after 3rd Friday of the month / Crab Trap Clean-up)

April 2, 2020 @ Stafford Centre (Banquet)

Chapter Contacts

Mike Bracikowski

Assistant Director
Blake Burnside

CURRENTS – October/November 2019

I hope that everyone has enjoyed another summer spent with family and friends on and off the water. I was lucky enough to have both my daughters attend our final Kid Fish event before the much-anticipated new school year. The event was hosted by Ms. Colene Cabezas, acting Director of Parks and Recreation with Meadows Place. We had another strong showing of volunteers and the Mayor of Meadows Place, Charles D. Jessup, IV, stopped in to personally thank everyone involved.

We had children of all ages attend and everyone seemed to catch one species or another resulting in prizes going out to all who participated. Catches included catfish, largemouth bass and crappie ranging upwards to over 20 inches in length. I would like to recognize the following individuals who volunteered their time to spread the love of outdoors and conservation to our local youth: Buford Jurica, Weems Turner, Robert Bailey, Paul Lawson, Fred Howard, Mike Spero, John Breland, Derek Darilek and Neighbor, Gary Blanchette, Michael Lindley, John Wolf, Mike Anderson and Bob Hilliard.

Congratulations to board member Lynda Breland on landing a beautiful redfish. The catch made her think twice about who she was going to keep—her husband or the fish. Please take a second to check out your chapter’s page on the Texas CCA website for a list of upcoming events and meeting dates.  Thank you, Tara Jurica, for all the continued updates and social media announcements such as our Facebook page: CCA Texas Greater Sugar Land Chapter.

We hope to see everyone bring in a friend, or crew, for our upcoming Anglers’ Night Out event October 2 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Enjoy the peace and quiet and we’ll catch you on the next incoming tide!

LEFT – (Lynda Breland catching a beautiful Redfish)

RIGHT – (Greater Sugar Land Chapter enjoying the latest Kid Fish event)


President: Mike Bracikowski
Vice President: John Breland
Treasurer: Paul Lawson
Secretary: David Darilek
Banquet Chair: Pam Canavan
Kid Fish Chair: Weems Turner

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The 2019 Greater Sugar Land Banquet was held April 4. Thank you to all of those who came out and showed support. Stay tuned for 2020 details.

Kid Fish

Stay tuned for details on the next Kid Fish!

Fishing Tournament

The Sugar Land Chapter President’s Cup was held on September 15, 2018. Thank you to all those that came out to support our chapter and CCA.