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Chapter Contacts

Charlotte O’Dell

Assistant Director
Drew Adams

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CURRENTS – Oct/Nov 2018

Hello Greater Woodlands Chapter! I can’t believe summer, and the heat, is almost over. I hope everyone got a chance to go fishing and take the kiddos too. While you were out on the water, I know you were telling all your buddies about our little chapter, and how much fun we have, so they’ll want to join us and take a part in helping us grow. We’ll be having a general membership meeting soon, so check our CCA website and our Facebook page (CCAGreaterWoodlands) for more info. Bring your buddies and win some prizes! Sea-ya soon!.


President: Charlotte O’Dell 832.368.8263
Banquet Chairman: Bryant Bennett 281.757.5011
Treasurer: Joe Huston 713.582.9859
CCA Texas Assistant Director: Drew Adams 800.626.4222


The 2018 Greater Woodlands Chapter Annual Banquet was held on May 31. Thank you to everyone who came out and showed their support!