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CURRENTS – December/January 2020

The 5th Lower Colorado Classic Fishing Tournament was held on Tuesday, October 8, 2019. The weather cooperated this year, the first norther wasn’t much and Mother Nature provided clearer skies and warmer weather than in the past 2 years. 17 boats launched from Matagorda Harbor bright and early on the horn blast from chapter president Stephen Zapalac.

The highly prized Guides Cup was won by the team guided by Capt. Lee Warmke. It only took 26 lbs. 15 oz. of (3) Speckled Trout and (2) Reds. Second place team guided by Capt. Scott Sparks and third place team lead by Capt. Trey Prye needed 23lbs, 11 oz. both, it was only being back to the dock for weigh in 7 minutes fast that made the difference. Congratulations to the winners and all the 17 teams that participated this year. Thanks to the captains that take the time and effort to make this a fun and successful tournament. The Lower Colorado Chapter’s Guides Cup is a much sought after prize that displays the true skill of the guides and teams with fishing artificial only. Though competitive it brings together anglers who support great sportsmanship and the CCA.

Thank you to the other participating teams lead by Captains Michael Briggs, Kenny Hauff Jr., Tommy Countz, Charlie Paradoski, Matt David, Stan Sloan, Fletcher Feldman, Nick Mosley, Caleb Rush, Kenny Hauff III, Glenn Ging, Jerry West, Nick Stillwell and Michael Kubecka. We look forward to next year’s tournament being as big a success.

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(2019 Guides Cup winners – Capt. Lee Warmke Team)


President: Stephen Zapalac 979.244.6633
Vice President:


The 2019 Lower Colorado Banquet was held August 5th. Thank you to all that came out and showed support. Stay tuned for 2020 ticketing and details.

Kid Fishing Tournament

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