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The Lower Colorado Chapter celebrated with its 13th banquet on Friday, August 5, 2022. There was a full house of members, supporters, and volunteers. The fun, food and festivities were held at the Bay City Civic Center. As the crowd poured in everyone got busy checking out the bounty of prizes to be won and which local guides made the cut to compete in the Lower Colorado’s Guides Cup Tournament this coming October. The night started off in true American style then the excellent spread of food was dug into. Soon after the live auction began and so did the bidding wars. There were many intense moments of high dollar back and forth especially for competition to on board as part of a team in the Guides Cup Tournament. But, within a few hours this year’s successful banquet and auction was in the books, our goals achieved, and the lucky winners were gathering up their prizes.

The Lower Colorado CCA Chapter wishes to heap hardy praise on our sponsors, Salemi’s Ace Hardware, Bill VanGoten, Boggy Bend Wildwings, Keating Nissan, and H-E-B along with supporters Antony’s Auto Werks and Ward Real Estate. We also give great thanks to our Gold and Bonze Table sponsors without whose help this event would never get off the ground. The Lower Colorado CCA Chapter also wishes to thank the local fishing experts who have are going to face off in October’s Tournament.

A most hardy thank you from all the members of the Lower Colorado CCA and all of Texas CCA goes to the officers, board and volunteers of this fine chapter who worked in planning, preparation and participation to pull off a hugely successful event. Thanks go to the President Anthony Kimmey, VP Nathan Lubbers, Past President Stephen Zapalack, Jerry West, Maury Guzick, Clint Hewitt, Gil Delarosa, Clint Shepard, Bryan Alexander, Michael Briggs, Brandon Milliff, Tyler Montgomery and David Sitz. Big “forever grateful” goes out our banquet volunteers Ashley Lubbers, Dana Kimmey, Nicole Kimmey, Kaitlin Kimmey, Kinsley Simons, Theresa West and Jane Zapalac.

Our next project is the ever famous, at least in Matagorda County, Lower Colorado Texas CCA Chapter’s Guides Cup in October. Keep an eye out here for the results.

As always, the Lower Colorado Chapter represents all the Gulf Coast bays, rivers and creeks in Matagorda County.

(2022 Lower Colorado Chapter Banquet)


President: Anthony Kimmey
Vice President: 
Treasurer: Ronnie Bose
Reporter: Maury Guzick


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