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Stephen Zapalac

Assistant Director
Blake Burnside

CURRENTS – Feb/March 2020

The Lower Colorado Chapter received a wonderful Christmas present from the Jesse Arsola Memorial Fishing Tournament. Helen Elshick, tournament organizer presented the chapter with a donation to be used is support of a future Kidfish tournament in 2020. Chapter President Stephen Zapalac gratefully said, “We all thank Helen and the Tournament for thinking of the Lower Colorado Chapter and our area kids with this generous contribution. Knowing Jesse, I’m sure he’s got a big smile of his face right now and he’s saying: ‘although I’m not with you, I’m right there with you.’ Thanks Jesse, we miss you.” Chapter member David Sitz in his thank you said, “I know that Jesse is well pleased. His father (Lupe) raised a fine son and will be proud to learn of this.” Member Clint Hewitt added, “What a great way to carry his legacy. Thanks for all involved and the many folks who made this happen.”

Again, many thanks to the Jesse Arsola Memorial Fishing Tournament and Helen for their kind contribution to Kidfish with the Lower Colorado Chapter, which represents all the creeks, rivers and bays in Matagorda County.

(From Left to Right: Lower Colorado Chapter President Stephen Zapalac, Helen Elshick, Capt. Jerry West)


President: Stephen Zapalac 979.244.6633
Vice President:


The 2019 Lower Colorado Banquet was held August 5th. Thank you to all that came out and showed support. Stay tuned for 2020 ticketing and details.

Kid Fishing Tournament

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