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Chapter Contacts

Chris Bird

Assistant Director
Taylor Rieck

CURRENTS – December/January 2020

Our final chapter event for 2019, the Jim Ehman Memorial Guide’s Cup, was another great success!  There was a total of 21 teams that participated with this year’s champions, Capt. Matt David and Team, weighing in a stringer at just over 28 lbs.! The Guides Cup was held at the beautiful Matagorda Harbor Bait and Tackle on September 23-24 of this year and we can’t wait to be back there for next year’s Guide’s Cup. We hope that you will make it out to the 2020 Matagorda Bays Chapter Banquet in El Campo to secure your spot in the game!

Our Guides Cup sponsors for 2019 were; Duckett, Bouligny and Collins LLP., Harbor Bait and Tackle, and El Campo Sheet Metal. If you are interested in participating in the 2020 Guides Cup, the live auction event will be held at our next annual banquet in El Campo, date pending. Be sure to look up and like our Facebook page, the Jim Ehman Memorial Guides Cup final standings have been posted.

Next up on the agenda for the Matagorda Bays board members is the selection of the 2020 boat raffle. We are currently seeking bids from multiple boat makers and will have the boat on order before the first of the year…is it possible to go bigger than a 300hp motor on a raffle boat? We’ll let you know! So stay tuned and watch our Facebook page an announcement!

The Matagorda Bays Chapter wishes to thank each of our Matagorda Guides for their part in fundraising for conservation and participating in the 2019 Jim Ehmen Memorial Guides Cup: Capt. Rob Cummings, Capt. Caleb Rush, Capt. Charlie Paradoski, Capt. Cody Vacek, Capt. Floyd Ciruti, Capt. Glenn Ging, Capt. Jimmy Riddle, Capt. Kendall Kersh, Capt. Kenny Hauff  Jr, Capt. Kenny Hauff III, Capt. Kevin Kosik, Capt. Kit Caston, Capt. Lee Warmke, Capt. Matt David, Capt. Jason Finley, Capt. Mike Kubecka, Capt. Nick Mosley, Capt. Ozzie Arnold, Capt. Stan Sloan and Capt. Tommy Alexander. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.


President: Chris Bird
Vice President: Jason Beery
Secretary: JP Appling
Treasurer: Blake Barger
Banquet Chairman: JP Pope


The 2019 Matagorda Bays Chapter Annual Banquet was held June 27. Stay tuned for 2020 details.

Boat Raffle

The 2019 Boat Raffle winner is Blake Green. Congrats Blake!


Our 2019 Annual Lil’ Salties Fishing Blowout was held 11. Please stay tuned for 2020 details.