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Chapter Contacts

Norman Oates

Assistant Director
John Blaha

The latest from CURRENTS

The Redfish Bay Chapter Banquet on May 21 was a success! Thanks to the Redfish Bay Board and our Houston support team for all of their hard work in making the event well run and fun for all. As always, we want to thank our donors and attendees – nothing can happen without you. Our donors make the raffle and auctions have something of interest for everyone. Special thanks to Chris’s Marine for being our Title sponsor, buying a second table, and supplying the koozies; a real supporter of Redfish Bay Chapter and CCA in general.

Our Beeville Fish Fry will be in September. We are still working on the final date. More to come!


Norman Oates

Bob Weber

Beeville Leader:
John Hunter


The 2022 Banquet was held May 21. Thank you to all that came and showed your support. Stay tuned for 2023 details.

Beeville Fish Fry

The 2021 Beeville Fish Fry was held October 14th. Stay tuned for 2022 details.

Kid Fish

TBD – Please check back for updates.

Board & Committees

Chapter Board Members

Norman Oates – President
Bob Weber – Treasurer
Glenn Martin
Matt Apple
Charlie Zahn
Don Wilkinson
John Hunter
Ron Dollins

Banquet Committee Members

Bob Weber
Glenn Martin
Ron Dollins
Jackie Oates
Norman Oates
Don Wilkinson

Beeville Fish Fry Committee Members

Bob May
Larry McClintock
John Hunter
Robert Neuser
Steve Novak
Curtis Bednorz
Trace Morrill

Take-A-Kid Fishing Committee Members

Carolyn James
Elisa Lunt
Glenn Martin
Robin Krenek
Duncan Neblett
John Hunter
Georgia Neblett
Kyle Whidden
Charlie Zahn
George Horner