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As we begin 2024, San Antonio is prepping for its 45th annual banquet on May 2, 2024! Our Chapter began in 1979 as the 3rd Gulf Coast Conservation Association Chapter, well before the GCCA became Coastal Conservation Association.

My history with CCA dates to 1981, when Bob Thomae recruited me to assist with accounting and whatever else he could talk me in to doing. At that time, Billy Osborn was our banquet chair, and Bob was Billly’s CFO and was likewise recruited. And a big thank you to Bob, who has been donating a dove hunt at his ranch south of San Antonio for 39 consecutive years – which we estimate has brought in over $200,000 to CCA! This trip is probably the longest running live auction package in CCA!

The San Antonio Chapter has a long history and some great conservationists serving as Chapter Presidents and Banquet Chairs, many of whom have also played active roles with CCA Texas, National and other conservation related associations. Robert Powers played an active role in the San Antonio chapter for years and then moved on to lead the San Antonio Chapter of Quail Coalition (while still supporting CCA every time we call). Pat Cowles made a run as banquet chair and President, now serves on the Chapter’s executive Board while also serving as Treasurer of Texas Sport PAC. Liz Hewitt, Jimmy Gibson, Mike Sarosdy and Robert Lozano each served as banquet chair and President, are still active with our Chapter, and also serve in various capacities on the CCA Texas and CCA National Boards. Some of you might recognize the name Mitch Brownlee, who served as Banquet Chair and President in the late 1990s. And oh yes, just rolled off as CCA Chair after serving 6 years in that position. Doug Boyd served a couple of tenures as banquet chair and Chapter President, and while remaining active with our Chapter also served with NOAA, the Gulf Coast Council, and CCA Texas. And lastly, the late Chris Smisek served the San Antonio Chapter for many years and continued to serve the Chapter while also playing a big role in CCA Texas. Many other names, but too little space.

We now have a superior group of younger Chapter members leading us, and San Antonio is poised to continue its tradition of being in the top CCA Chapters both in terms of banquet attendance and contribution to the bottom line.  So, a big thank you to our Chapter’s current leaders during the banquet season, including Brandon Stellges, Chair and Brandon Carpenter and Rick Neitzel, co-chairs.  As well as our other past Chairs & Presidents, and current committee members! We all have big shoes to fill.


President: Tom Akin
VP Banquet Chair: Brandon Stellges
VP Banquet Co Chair: Rick Neitzel
VP Banquet Co Chair: Brandon Carpenter
VP Sponsorship: Chris Lindsay
Secretary: Liz Hewitt
Treasurer: Tom Akin
Sargent at Arms:  Mark Luitjen


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Chapter History

The San Antonio Chapter of CCA was founded in 1979 as the Southwest Chapter of GCCA. From the very beginning, the San Antonio Chapter has been at the forefront of fundraising and policy making for CCA. Although located approximately 130 miles from the coast, the San Antonio Chapter consists of approximately 4,000 men, women and children who fish from Port O’Connor to Port Isabel. It is this diverse membership with ties to such a large portion of the Texas coast that has allowed the San Antonio Chapter to lead the way in CCA conservation efforts. Today, the San Antonio Chapter of CCA is one of the top three largest fundraising chapters, grossing over $1 million in our last banquet. The San Antonio Chapter of CCA welcomes participation in its efforts from those interested in making positive impact on our coastal resources.


We are proud to once again recognize our sponsors for 2022.  Many of the companies listed below are returning sponsors from last year.  To them we say thanks again and to the new ones for this year, welcome and thank you.  These companies and individuals provide additional dollars to support CCA efforts in Texas.  We are proud to have them with us tonight.  Please take a moment to thank them during the course of tonight’s activities.

Platinum Sponsors
Academy Sports + Outdoors
Frost Bank
Scott A Freund Memorial Foundation
Silver Eagle