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2022 CCA Texas STAR Tournament – Intel From Tournament Insiders

By August 9, 2022 News

Ryan Towns, Assistant Director, CCA Texas STAR Tournament

There are not many days left in the 2022 CCA Texas STAR Tournament, and we have too many unclaimed prizes still swimming out there, which means y’all have an excellent opportunity to catch that fish of a lifetime!

As you may know, we released 123 tagged redfish along the Texas coast, averaging a release every 4.8 miles. They were released from the boat ramps, piers, jetties, bridges, channels, flats, or popular spots where people fish, with most being released from shore. Typically, I will get on a mobile map app and search for popular fishing spots in my area for intel. Then, I’ll look at the winds, tides, and water temperatures before determining the spot to fish.

If you have been following our CCA Texas STAR Tournament social media pages, there are breadcrumbs to follow. For example, our most recent post highlighted the latest red-tagged redfish caught by Kasey Arnst at Virginia Point in Galveston. Check the satellite view on your favorite mobile map app to see where this tagged redfish was caught. What catches my eye about this spot first are the break walls a half-mile north of the causeway bridge. These break walls create a structure for smaller bait fish to hide in and around, making them easy pickings for redfish who love effortless meals. Next, check the wind conditions for July 11 in Galveston. That afternoon, the wind was out of the south. With the south wind, the bait fish around the causeway get blown into that Virginia Point shoreline. In Kasey’s case, the first place those bait fish feel comfortable stopping is in shallow water near the shoreline or at some structure (i.e., a break wall).

As we dig a little further into this post, we find out that Kasey was using mud minnows for bait that he caught with a cast net on the north shoreline where all the bait was blown up that afternoon. When you step back and look at each of these variables: structure, wind, and bait, you can begin to work through these scenarios on any given day and apply the knowledge to your next outing for a more educated opportunity to catch a tagged redfish.

Go back through our tagged redfish winner posts and read between the lines to extract more insight. We really need the help of our CCA-registered anglers to claim these prizes, so get out there and plan your next fishing trip!