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CCA Staffers Seize Top Awards—Again

By March 4, 2014 News, Uncategorized

Texas Outdoor Writers Association (TOWA) Presented Communication Awards

A big congratulations to CCA Staffers who nabbed top honors at this year’s TOWA communication awards!

Special Projects – Conservation
First place: Heather Peterek, “Building Conservation Trust Annual Report – 2012,” November 2012.
Judges’ Comments: … The Building Conservation Trust 2012 Annual Report… shows what one organization can do to help conserve and preserve the environment. Excellent publications and even a better detail of what this organization [CCA]does.

Outdoor Illustration/Graphic:

First place: Sam Caldwell, “Deep Red Structure,” Currents Newsletter, June/July 2013.
Second place: Heather Peterek, “Let’s Get Reel,” TIDE Magazine, September/October 2012.
Judges’ Comments: Beautiful and informative graphics and illustrations, both!

Outdoor Publication – Under 25,000:

Second place: “Rising Tide,” submitted by Heather Peterek, November-December 2012.
Judges’ Comments:…Rising Tide is just fun. Tracking a shark? Wow. Kids of all ages will like that.

Outdoor Publication – Over 25,000

Second place: “TIDE” – submitted by Ted Venker, editor.
Third place: “CURRENTS” – submitted by Sam Caldwell, editor.

Outdoor Photography, People

Third place: Sam Caldwell, “Personal Best CPR,” CURRENTS, October/November 2013.
Cover of Currents Newsletter: A huge speckled trout is released by a lady angler.

The primary purpose of TOWA is to improve knowledge and skill among its members in the art of communication through the written or spoken word and through art, illustration and photography. TOWA strives to increase public awareness, understanding and appreciation of our outdoor heritage in the use and enjoyment of our natural resources. To learn more, please visit theTOWA website: www.towa.org