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TS Bell

John Martin Busceme

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Drew Adams

The latest from CURRENTS

Summer is almost over with and even though our days are getting cooler, the fishing is still hot. Besides fishing, our chapter, along with the Sabine-Neches Chapter, were busy planning a beach clean-up on McFaddin Beach. We had an unbelievable turnout with close to 100 people showing up to help pick up trash. A lot of hard work was put into that day but the beach is now a cleaner and nicer place. As a group, we would like to thank all the volunteers who showed up to help out—WE THANK YOU!

(Volunteers at the 2022 McFaddin Beach Clean up)

Fall is just around the corner and fishing is going to be on all of our minds. Be sure to get the family out and go enjoy our Texas resources. We ask that you be safe, have fun and pack out your trash to keep Texas beautiful. Cheers!


President: TS Bell
Co-President: John Martin Busceme
Treasurer: Joel Foxworth
Banquet Co-Chair: TS Bell


The 2022 banquet was held May 26. Thank you to all that came out and showed support. Stay tuned for 2023 details.

Fishing Tournament

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