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WATCH: “Don’t let THAT happen!” – CLIPPING a tag from a tagged redfish for the 2022 CCA Texas STAR Tournament

By May 26, 2022 News

2022 CCA Texas STAR Tournament Participants

“Don’t let THAT happen!” – Drew Adams, CCA Texas Assistant Director

WATCH: Drew illustrates what to do (and what NOT to do 😂) when CLIPPING a tag from a tagged redfish before you RELEASE it to claim your prize.

The Tournament starts THIS Saturday, May 28th at 6AM!

Are you registered? If not, here’s what you need to do: Register for the CCA Texas STAR Tournament and make sure you’re a current CCA member with your membership running through the end of the Tournament.

REGISTER HERE: https://bit.ly/3LQOm5B

REMEMBER: This year’s tournament features double the number of tagged redfish with two different tag colors and is >> CATCH, CLIP THE TAG and RELEASE <<

– Full rules and details: https://www.startournament.org/
– *This was NOT a 2022 STAR Tournament tag*