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CCA Texas Commitments to Conservation: $82,000 for TPWD Game Warden’s Floating Cabin

By February 8, 2024 Uncategorized

CCA Texas has a long history of supporting TPWD Game Wardens up and down the Texas coast. This support often comes in the form of equipment, intern salaries, and in this particular grant, a floating cabin that will give the wardens adequate access to the waters of the Upper Laguna Madre, Baffin and the northern end of the Land Cut areas.

Both floating cabins in the Laguna Madre system suffered significant and or total losses after Hurricane Hanna in 2020. Since then, the wardens have felt the loss of these vital assets in reduced efficiency of boat fuel, maintenance, and patrol hours. The CCA Texas Executive Board approved funding necessary to construct a new Game Warden’s cabin to be located in Baffin Bay. The total cost of the project is $82,850.

When overall fishing and water safety cases were compared from the two years prior and two years after the loss of the floating cabin in the Baffin area, wardens observed a 28% drop in efficiency. When only speckled trout violations were compared in the same period, wardens incurred a 62% decline in citations written. While other variables play a role in these numbers, wardens can attest that they would have been largely mitigated by the presence of a floating cabin that can allow them to stay on station longer.

CCA Texas is proud to continue supporting the Texas Game Wardens.