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The Sands of South Texas

The sand flats of the Lower Laguna Madre in deep South Texas are regarded by many as an almost sacred place to fish. As barren as the sand may seem at first glance, on certain tides fish will ghost into these shallows like shadows. On extremely calm days, the surface of the water is a mirror, and it is impossible to see where the water ends and the sky begins.

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CCA Texas Supports Proposal to Conserve Spotted Seatrout

“During their discussion with TPWD staff, it was clear that the Commission is concerned about the remnant effects of the 2021 freeze, elevated pressure on the resource, and the overall trajectory of the fishery,” stated Shane Bonnot, CCA Texas Advocacy Director. “Most notably, for the past 3 years, spring gill net catch rates in the Matagorda and San Antonio Bay Systems have experienced approximately 30% declines from the previous 10-yr mean and that alone warrants expeditious action.”

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