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December 2016

Coastal Advocacy Adventures Podcast – Episode 6: The Lakers

Shane Bonnot and Orange County CCA President, Scott Bandy, sit down with Texas Parks and Wildlife’s Kirk Blood and Carey Gelpi. Kirk and Carey are two members of the Coastal Fisheries team affectionately known as “The Lakers.” The Lakers are responsible for collecting fisheries data, conducting research, and interacting with the public in and around the Sabine Lake Ecosystem. In this episode, we get to talk life in the fisheries field, flounder, crabs, oysters, and fishing in Sabine Lake.

Flounder Jaw Movement

Have you ever wondered how a flounder can open up its mouth so wide? How they are able to bite such large prey? How they can often times easily spit the hook just as you are trying to land them? Check out this cool video by Wayne Pedigo from Cleburne, Texas. Wayne shows how the jaw of a flounder opens, flexes and moves, allowing the fish to inhale its prey. Nice work Wayne!