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September 2017

Coastal Advocacy Adventures Podcast – Episode 19: The Status of Galveston Trout with Captain Steve Hillman

Four years of drought followed by three years of flooding and two major hurricanes have undoubtedly changed fishing in Galveston Bay over the past decade. Trout juvenile recruitment numbers in the upper coast have been fairly consistent over the years but what effects do these historic natural events have on adult trout populations? Captain Steve Hillman joins the podcast to talk about habitat loss in Galveston Bay, speckled trout management, and a variety of other topics.

A Flood of New Oyster Regulations

Memorial Day Flood of 2015, Tax Day Flood of 2016 and late-May Floods of 2016. Two consecutive years of historic flooding were major setbacks for public oyster reefs and the oyster fishery in Texas. In fact, in June of 2016 Galveston County declared a state of disaster for the oyster industry. That was all before Hurricane Harvey, the largest flooding event in United States history. Sadly, much of Harvey’s rainfall was also within the Galveston Bay watershed.

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