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February 2018

Coastal Advocacy Adventures Podcast – Episode 23: Tarpon Tales with Scott Alford and Bryan Treadway

So much to discuss…so little time. We naively went into this episode thinking we could cover several items but quickly realized that we’d barely have time to scratch the surface on a single topic. Scott Alford and Bryan Treadway (a.k.a “fish control my brain”) are two very knowledgeable recreational anglers and have a passion for conservation and research. It appears that podcasts with these guys will become a mini-series as we begin to talk about life history, fishing and fisheries science of the enigmatic silver king.

Come Join Us in the Annual Texas Abandoned Crab Trap Removal!!!

CCA Texas will facilitate the drop-off location at Jones Bay Boat Ramp – Fat Boys Bait and Tackle near Tiki Island on February 17th from 8am – 1pm. The Annual Texas Abandoned Crab Trap Removal will run from February 16-25 this year. To learn more about this state-wide crab trap removal program and other drop off locations along the Texas coast, click here. For those of you that like to frequent our neighbor’s waters on the east side of Sabine Lake, Louisiana’s removal efforts will be underway during the same time period. Check out this video below and last year’s April/May Currents Article featuring some of our own working hard during the annual event to protect and conserve our coastal resources!