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October 2017

Coastal Advocacy Adventures Podcast – Episode 21: Cedar Bayou

Cedar Bayou is a natural pass connecting Mesquite Bay to the Gulf of Mexico. Throughout recorded history is has been opened and closed by both natural and man-made influences. It was last re-opened in 2014 and has been the topic of much discussion since. Aaron Horine, Quentin Hall, Captain Jay Watkins, John Blaha, and Shane sit down to talk about this historic and celebrated pass from an engineering, science, biology, and fishing contexts. Click here to learn more about CCA’s involvement with Cedar Bayou.

The Flounder Run Is On!

It doesn’t get much better than the fall season in Texas. By now, the trout should have transitioned to their fall patterns, red fish can be easily spotted in the flats, and the flounder are “running”. For me, there is nothing more thrilling than feeling “the thump” of a flounder bit and joy I feel when I get to bring that tasty meal home to the family.

Texas Parks and Wildlife closely monitors southern flounder populations and even has a stock enhancement program that releases young flounder back into our bay systems. You can learn more about this program by taking a visit to Sea Center Texas and requesting a hatchery tour. For now, this video will have to do!

CCA Texas Commends EPA

Decision Will Require Controlled Removal of Dioxin Waste from the Lower San Jacinto River

Houston, Texas – (October 12, 2017) – The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has made the decision to remove the toxic dioxin waste from the San Jacinto Waste Pits Superfund Site in Channelview, Texas. The cleanup plan, officially approved on October 11, will protect human health and the coastal environment by removing highly contaminated sediment from the site in a safe manner, using cofferdams and other engineering controls. The plan estimates that nearly 212,000 cubic yards of dioxin waste will be excavated from the site at a cost of $115 million.

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