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WATCH – CCA Texas: Funding Over $7 Million to Build and Restore Vital Oyster Reefs

By March 18, 2024 Oysters

80% of oyster reefs have disappeared, reduced from overharvesting and environmental events. The oyster is so much more than just a fishery; it is a crucial foundational component of our bays’ ecosystem. CCA Texas understands how critically important the oyster is to our state’s coast, which is why we’ve stepped up by funding over $7 million to build and restore these vital oyster reefs.

Please take a moment to watch this TV commercial we put together to illustrate our commitment to this vital fishery.

The commercial will be on air starting Tuesday, March 19th so be on the lookout for it, especially if you’re watching March Madness!

For more information on how we’re stepping up, check out our list of oyster-related projects below.