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Southern Flounder Information and Resources

By December 9, 2019 February 26th, 2020 Advocacy, News

Southern Flounder Information and Resources – Click on the links below.

Species Profile and Management

Species Profile

Southern Flounder Fact Sheet – Sea Grant Louisiana/LSU

GSMFC Number 247 – Flounder

December 2019-January 2020 Currents

March-April 2020 TIDE

Technical Series No 25 Life History of Southern Flounder

Age and Growth

Southern Flounder Egg Development Timeline

Age and Growth of Southern Flounder in Texas Waters – Stunz et al. 2000

Age and Growth of Southern Flounder in Louisiana – Fischer and Thompson 2004

Sex Determination and Growth

Importance of Temperature

Temperature and Sex Ratio – CCA Tide Flounder article by A J Montalvo

Temperature Effects on Eggs and Yolk Sac Larvae – Watanabe et al. 1999

Sex Determination in Flatfish – Luckenbach et al 2009

Honeycutt et al.2019. – Warmer waters masculinize wild populations of a fish with temperature-dependent sex determination.Nature Scientific Reports. 9 6527_

Flounder Stock Enhancement

October-November 2018 Currents

Flounder Stock Enhancement in Japan


Gulf States Regulations Summary

Texas Data

Texas Flounder-Fishery-Independent Data 1982-Current

2007 Nighttime Flounder Roving Survey

Coastal Statewide Public Scoping December 2019


LDWF recognize declines in flounder stocks

Alabama Data

Alabama Flounder Assessement_2019

South Atlantic Southern Flounder Fishery

South Atlantic Southern Flounder Stock Assessment 1989-2017

South Atlantic Southern Flounder Stock Assessment Presentation

North Carolina Southern Flounder Fishery Management Plan – Amendment 2

North Carolina Southern Flounder Management Strategies – Amendment 3

South Carolina – State of the Flatfish

South Carolina – Southern Flounder Stock Status and Fishery Issues

Flounder Podcasts

#1 – 2016

#2 – 2018

#3 – 2019