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WATCH – FlatsWorthy on Ayers Reef

By October 20, 2022 News, Oysters

WATCH: FlatsWorthy on Ayers Reef – Please take 2 minutes to hear what they have to say!

“Ayers Reef is one of the last 2 remaining intact barrier reefs. It is the first to accept the force of water coming out of San Antonio Bay and Espiritu Santo since the Second Chain of Islands has been so greatly diminished. It must be saved through a sanctuary program.”

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) is accepting public comment for the proposal to prohibit oyster harvest from Carlos, Mesquite and Ayres Bays (Mesquite Bay Complex). CCA Texas SUPPORTS this proposal to conserve ecologically sensitive and unique oyster habitat for current and future generations.

Make YOUR VOICE HEARD by supporting the TPWD proposal! Here’s how YOU can help by the deadline at 5PM on Wednesday, November 2nd!

You can also learn more by visiting RescueOurReefs.org